200 Days to Santa’s Launch

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200 Days

North Pole Flight Command marks 200 days until Santa’s Launch today.

This is a significant milestone in the countdown. This week Elf Buck Sanchez will be checking in with each critical component of the launch team to see where they are in relation to their goals.

The sleigh team will be evaluated about the readiness of Santa’s sleigh and the plans for test flights which will begin next month. Elf Buck will review the plans for backup sleighs as well.

In Flight Command, elves will be working flight simulators and working on getting their flight certifications in advance of the launch of test flights. The test flights not only test the sleigh but also the teams tasked with monitoring the sleigh while in flight.

200 days also marks a review point for the reindeer. Elf Buck will meet with Elf Victor, head of the Reindeer Operations Department, to review reindeer team plans, projections, training and assignments.

At the end of this week, Elf Buck will meet with Santa himself to discuss whether or not all of these teams are on time with their plans and what adjustments might need to be made.

It is a busy time in North Pole Flight Command.

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