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300 days remain until Santa’s launch from the North Pole for Christmas 2023. It is a Sunday and the countdown clocks everywhere here at the North Pole mark the snowy milestone.

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Here is where we stand on Operation Merry Christmas so far:

– The Sleigh Committee is meeting daily in Flight Command to explore new designs and to approve a development schedule for this year’s sleigh. Santa will not be participating in this process this year.

– Elves from the Locations Committee are at work traveling in each sector to develop a list of finalists for Regional Tracking center locations to be used this year.

– Santa has met with all department heads, and all department heads and supervisors are meeting individually with elves to discuss goals for the new year.

– Santa’s Workshop has preliminary production data for toys to be made this year. Elves are hard at work at this time making “classics” – which are toys that have passed the test of time and are made each year – while other elves are still working on obtaining supplies and materials for new projects anticipated for later in the year.

Other elements of the season, such as eggnog, candy canes, stockings, tree stars and Santa tracker maps are all in the planning and development stages.

Also, Elf Training is in full swing at this time.

With 300 days to go, it appears all is on track for Operation Merry Christmas.

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Elf Meg graduated from Southern North Pole University with a degree in journalism. For several years she was a star reporter for the North Pole Gazette and then briefly served as a producer for North Pole Radio News. She brings her experience in media to North Pole Flight Command, serving as both an Elf News Reporter for North Pole Radio News and Managing Editor of North Pole Flight Command.com
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Committees are forming to advance the work of Santa Claus and Operation Merry Christmas 2023.

The committees are charged with brainstorming basic operations and overseeing implementation plans.

The first committee formed in North Pole Flight Command is the Tracking Center Committee. This team of hand-selected elves will explore where the regional locations for each tracking center in each sector will be located.

This is considered a great assignment for an elf. This team will travel the world, explore locations and make reports on good sites they might recommend.

Another committee starting work this week is the Sleigh Committee. They work to entertain new sleigh design ideas, to put together build teams, and to schedule the calendar around the creation of Santa’s new sleigh.

Santa this year is not participating in any of these committees. In fact, especially given his involvement in the drama of last year’s sleigh, he’s staying quiet about the whole thing so that these elf committees can do their work.

We will keep you posted on their progress.