300 Days to Launch

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North Pole Flight Command celebrated the 300 day marker to Santa’s launch by welcoming Santa, for the first time this year, to North Pole Flight Command.

In a general gathering in the large hangar in Flight Command with more than 3000 elves in attendance Santa spoke at the invitation of Elf Roger Star, director of North Pole Flight Command.

It was the first time this year Santa has said anything publicly to a large gathering of elves.

In his speech Santa thanked the many teams of elves working under the direction of North Pole Flight Command for their efforts last Christmas.

Santa forgot no one. He spoke of the Sleigh design team, the sleigh traffic controllers, the ships of the North Pole Navy, all the test flight teams of pilots and reindeer, and even the ground crews who cleared the snow on Christmas Eve.

Santa said the elves will commemorate the record-setting accomplishments of last year’s flight by wearing a special patch on their uniforms in the year ahead. Each elf gets a special certificate honoring the event with a personal letter of commendation from Santa for their contributions.

This made everyone really excited. Santa spoke only briefly after his flight, expressing his gratitude, but since that time he has been mostly quiet. It was good for the elves to hear all this from him.

Santa said that since we’re now at 300 days to launch is time to fully focus on Christmas this year.

He announced there will be a new sleigh in 2024 and it will feature a new design. That has been under debate by Flight Command leadership since New Year.

The Sleigh Department is very excited about that.

So we expect a timeline to be published soon of targets North Pole Flight Command will need to hit in order for Santa to launch on time.

A new sleigh design means an all new build, which means lots of test flights, which means a long season ahead of learning and preparation.

Stay tuned for more news, gang.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg! Congratulations to all of the elves there! I wish I could celebrate together. Do you have Santa’s speech? Is it possible to read it on the Elf Wall? I wonder if he said something about our tracker elves around the world.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about Santa’s new sleigh in near future! XD


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