50 Days Until Launch of Santa’s Sleigh

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50 days remain until Santa’s launch and the sleigh has resumed test flights after a brief break for test pilots for Halloween.

For now the test flights will remain over Sector 5. Flight Command reports that trackers in Sector 5 are doing a great job sending in weather forecasts and that conditions are favorable for fast testing of the sleigh after Santa requested a 2000 pound weight reduction.

The test flights are likely to stay further to the north where weather patterns are more active. You can track the progress of the test flights at SantaTrackers.net.

While some at the Sleigh Barn were a little confused and anxious about the changes Santa asked for some senior elves have recently stepped forward to say the weight reduction of the sleigh is a minor modification and not one to cause any problems.

The test flights are still on track to be completed long before Santa ever takes flight.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg Nogg. I’m glad to hear everything that is version 3, to be completed Santa’s sleigh, and the best weather reports from Sector 5. I hope the weight reduction works well and the Sleigh Barn will feel relieved about it. I’m curious about how to reduce the sleigh weight safety though. XD


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