North Pole Flight Command

North Pole Flight Command has a very large job.

Job #1 is to track Santa and provide information directly to Santa’s sleigh that will help keep him safe and on time in his flight.

To get Job #1 done every Christmas we use a combination of technology and elves.

In select locations all over the world the Tracking Department has stationed elves with equipment and a mission to observe and provide information.

This website is the direct result of those efforts.

In addition, millions of volunteer elves we call Santa Trackers are recruited via — and they also provide critical data to help Santa.

They are Santa’s eyes on the ground, in literally every neighborhood in the world. They observe local conditions, report on weather and flight traffic, and submit timely, last-minute reports in advance of Santa’s arrival.

Their work is coordinated through North Pole Flight Command.

This site gathers all the information it receives from the elves all over the world. We decide what information gets to Santa and we update the world on Santa’s flight status, his well being, the condition of the reindeer and the status of the delivery effort we call Operation Merry Christmas.

We provide it as a public service in conjunction with our sister sites: Santa,,, and