Nothing is more mysterious to the world than Santa’s reindeer. The one most enduring question surround Claus-flight is how Santa gets the reindeer to fly.

Santa, of course, doesn’t see the reindeer that way. In fact, when you look at the reindeer there is nothing technological about them. It’s 100% natural. Asking how reindeer fly is like asking how fish swim. They just do.


Santa knows each of the reindeer by name and by personality. Of his original team of reindeer Santa trained them all.

Some call Santa the “Reindeer Whisperer”. He just understands them and they understand him. The work in an amazing partnership.

The reindeer are loyal, responsible, and completely devoted to Christmas. In fact, Santa says reindeer are such good examples of how to work, how to give, and how to think of others that he thinks the world should hold up reindeer as an important symbol, much like Christmas trees.

The reindeer have worked with Santa for so long now that they know where to go when Santa wants to get somewhere. Very rarely does he command them any more. They just seem to know where to go, what to do and how fast to get there.