Santa’s sleigh is the stuff of kids’ dreams but in reality it is a lean, technologically advanced flight machine and truly modern marvel. This sleigh is literally Santa’s office in the sky.

Santa's Sleigh

Santa’s sleigh is much larger than many people realize. Santa is a big guy but he looks like a munchkin when he is in the sleigh.

And look at that cargo capacity! Some people look at that and think, “Gee, that holds only stuff for 50,000 people and there are billions of people in the world”.

That’s a true statement but you try and design a sleigh that can old stuff for 7 billion and see how you do! As it is, Santa’s sleigh is the equivalent of having a 600 gallon gas tank on your car with a range of 21,000 miles. Pretty impressive, in other words.

Besides, this is why the flight command center operates on Christmas Eve. We help Santa because he can only hold enough stuff on the sleigh for 50,000 at a time. Who do you think replenishes the sleigh while Santa is going house to house?

Back to the sleigh —

Santa can fly in total comfort. The sleigh is wirelessly connected to Santa’s suit which gives Santa full communication and information capabilities through out his flight.

He doesn’t have to plug in anything. The minute he steps back into the sleigh he is connected.

While on the sleigh he can see air traffic and weather information, news, vital communications from flight command, Mrs. Claus, and even texts to his phone.

The North Pole Post Office is able to stream data to Santa from letters, wishlists and last minute communications from Santa trackers and fans everywhere. Santa is always connected.

The sleigh maintains a constant cabin temperature even though it is a topless vehicle. This is done through high speed air blades that shield Santa and the sleigh’s interior from wind, rain, snow and airborne elements.

This same technology is used to “shape” the sleigh as it flies through shifting air currents, making the craft efficiently aerodynamic regardless of the conditions.

Santa’s sleigh is prepared for a variety of situations. It can fly in war zones, high wind and weather zones, over broad expanses of ocean and through jungle terrain. It has a top cruising altitude of 75,000 feet (though Santa rarely flies that high) and has topped speeds greater than Mach 7 (though Santa’s rarely flies that fast).

Santa says the sleigh flies better when loaded and that turbulence is minimal even in bad weather due to advanced design.

The sleigh contains both defensive and offensive weapons systems, though Santa rarely has a need to use them.