There is a big difference between the suit you see Santa wear when you meet with him and his flight suit that he wears on Christmas Eve. While many of the advance details of the technology tied to Santa’s suit remain classified we can share the following with you:

Secrets of Santa

The information listed above is important to understand. Santa’s suit — and thus, Santa himself — sends valuable information to the Flight Command center for the duration of Santa’s flight around the world.

The constant stream of telemetry we receive from the suit not only keeps us updated on Santa’s overall condition but it also records and transmits valuable flight, weather and environmental data that experts at the North Pole examine year round.

The data helps designers and flight analysts to identify ways to make Santa, the sleigh, the reindeer and the entire Christmas flight plan more efficient. This is just one way Santa is able to set new speed records every year.

Santa’s suit is flame retardant, water resistant, and spill and spot proof. While it houses an extraordinary amount of advance electronics and thermal technology it is amazingly lightweight and flexible.

Santa considers the suit he wears today one of the most important advances in Christmas flight history. It used to be that he would change suits up to a dozen times every Christmas but now he uses just the one suit and it lasts for his whole flight. Santa says he has never torn it, never soiled it, never snagged it and never found a situation where it didn’t perform flawlessly.

Sat’s hat is more than a festive decoration, too. Though it DOES look sharp, don’t you think?

The hat is tied to advance electronics on the sleigh and to the Flight Command Center. Through it Santa’s communicates not only with Flight Command but also with the reindeer. Santa reports that because of the high technology of the hat he doesn’t wake up near as many people as he used to by yelling “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer…”

In fact, when you couple all the advances of the sleigh, the suit, the reindeer, and the sleigh bells Santa believes he has approached near total silence at times, a capability he finds especially handy when he is trying to deliver to children who aren’t quite asleep yet or when he is trying to avoid family dogs who bark at his arrival.