Sectors of the World

Sectors of the World

In all we do in helping Santa get around the world we think of the globe as part of a five-piece pie. Each piece is called a Sector.

Sector 1 – Oceania

The vast first sector where Santa’s visits begin each Christmas is one of the largest sectors on the map. It is also the one with the fewest people. Made of up of the island nations of the South Pacific, Sector 1 is a complex area with many different kinds of people and many languages. It is a complex delivery zone because sometimes islands have fewer occupants than even the ships at sea that Santa has to visit. There are a lot of stops in this sector and it takes Santa a lot more time to get through this sector because of how spread out people are.

Sector 2 – Asia & the Middle East

This sector is the most populous of Santa’s delivery schedule. It is also the sector with the fewest number of believers in the world. Many areas are problematic for Santa because some countries do not want him to enter. Over the years, Santa has struggled to get into the country of North Korea for example. The people there are good, so Santa always makes an effort to fly there even if the military in that country tries to catch him. Though this is a very large sector Santa can move through it very quickly.

Sector 3 – Europe & Africa

This sector is very diverse and there are more languages spoken in this part of the world than anywhere else. It is a sector with many, many rabid believers. The perception of some trackers is that this sector can slow Santa down. That’s not the case. Santa tends to take his time here because he does not want to miss anyone. This is a popular place as well to be a Santa tracker. The number of Santa trackers here is quite large and they are very devoted to helping Santa. The weather in this sector can be a challenge in the North and the South. In the north it can be viciously bitter and cold. In the South it can be hot and dry. Santa is known to rest his reindeer on the western edge of this sector in the Azores, a tropical chain of islands that provide a good place for a nap before Santa heads into the Western Hemisphere.

Sector 4 – Greenland & South America

This is another sector of many contrasts. Large parts of Greenland are uninhabited and Santa gets through this part of the world very fast. However, South America is friendly, festive and very populated with enthusiastic fans of Santa. South America tends to party late into Christmas Eve night and why not? It’s summer time there on Christmas Eve, the weather is usually spectacular and who wouldn’t want to watch the skies for Santa on a summer night on the beach? But, if Santa takes too long in South America he does not get enough time to get through Sector 5, the place where there are more believers than anywhere else in the world.

Sector 5 – Central & North America

Nowhere is Santa more beloved in this last sector. They wait the longest for Santa to arrive and they give him the biggest welcome. Santa can take quite a while to get through this sector because there are so many here who believe in him and want him to stop. They welcome him with lights, with signs, with cookies and food for the reindeer. Some even leave him presents under the tree. Santa has a great time visiting in this sector, the last on his schedule every year.