Africa Gets Their First Regional HQ

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North Pole Flight Command announces a historic first for Sector 3, which covers the continents of Africa and Europe. This year’s regional headquarters will be located in Africa for the first time. Bethlehem, South Africa was chosen for it’s temperate climate, it’s central location within Sector 3, and for it’s available amenities useful in the support of Santa’s flight.

Elf Rolf and team are there rushing to get the facility open and ready to track test flights of Santa’s sleigh. It is winter there now and it is expected to see a lot of action early in the test flight process because of that.

Bethlehem is named after the other city of the same name, located in Palestine, which also hosts a regional tracking center, as announced last week by Flight Command. It is a historic first in many ways for Santa’s flight.

Bethlehem in South Africa, while not a remote location, is no large city, having just 25,000 estimated inhabitants. The name Bethlehem means “House of Bread”.

We will provide more details of this location once we receive a report from Elf Rolf.

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