Another New Sleigh Ordered

New Sleigh

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh are not yet transitioned to Sector 2 and already a redesign has been ordered. Version 5 just did not last long.

Again, this is not unusual. As we have said before, the sleigh can be revised as many as 12 times during the test flight schedule.

However, quick changes like this are more common earlier the the year, not later. But at this point the sleigh is much more stable – and nobody has used that word yet in describing this year’s sleigh.

So what is happening?

I talked with one of the executive elf sleigh designers in Research and Development. I cannot give you his name because he’s afraid he would get in trouble. But he told me something interesting. He said that every time they fix one thing another thing they thought that had fixed before suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

To listen to him, you would think someone is purposefully making this sleigh NOT fly.

Of course, that’s just speculation. We have no reason to really believe that. Every elf on that design time are experienced veterans who have done this work for decades. They not only know what they are doing they are proud of the work they do.

So I’m not understating it when I say they are very frustrated.

But it is still only early October. They feel there is plenty of time left to get this sleigh rolling at record speeds again. They are confident they can do it.

The sleigh is scheduled to be in Sector 2 for several weeks. After that, we are not sure where it is headed.

It could depend on how Version 6 performs.

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