Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break Announced for Test Flights

A Thanksgiving break for test flights of Santa’s sleigh was announced today so that test pilots and reindeer can be with their families. They will also be able to take part in the planned festivities at the North Pole for Thanksgiving.

This is the final break on the schedule for this year.

For many of our test pilots the “real” testing of Santa’s sleigh takes place after Thanksgiving anyway. For months now the flights have focused on refining the sleigh design. Now the focus will be on stabilizing the sleigh’s performance at high speeds under all kinds of weather conditions.

Some call this the “danger zone” — when Santa’s sleigh is tested to the limit.

For our test pilots, however, these are critical tests. Nobody flies the sleigh faster than Santa will. Every year the new sleigh gets rigorous testing because Santa will be looking to beat all previous speed records. He needs to constantly improve so that he can keep up with the demands of the world. Speed equals time, which is very precious to Santa and his merry job.

So the testing of the sleigh in the next few weeks is very important.

Where is Santa’s sleigh headed AFTER Thanksgiving?

I don’t know that yet. But once the big wigs at Flight Command meet and plan I will be sure to let you know. I’m sure Santa has some direction for them too.

But for the next few days they will be hanging near the North Pole — and they will be taking Thursday off, for sure.

Massive Object

North Pole Radar Tracking a Massive Object

BREAKING – North Pole radar is tracking a massive moving object headed towards the North Pole. The object has not yet been identified. The object was picked up over the North Atlantic ocean coming out of Norway and heading west before it took a direct turn north over Greenland. It appears to be headed towards the North Pole at a steady rate of speed.

“We’re studying the object now,” said Elf Buck Sanchez, Flight Director at the North Pole Tracking Center. “It’s much to large to be any kind of aircraft and we have nothing to indicate that it is harmful.”

The weather department is certain it is now a weather event either.

“We know what storm clouds look like,” said Elf Seymour Snow, head of North Pole Weather Department. “This phenomenon acts nothing like a storm. There’s no temperature associated with it. No precipitation. And it is moving in the wrong direction, against the winds. It’s not weather.”

Speculation is running rampant that this “massive” moving cloud could be Santa’s reindeer returning to the North Pole.

We refer you to North Pole News at for any new information relative to the reindeer returning.

More Reindeer for Test Flights

More Reindeer Coming

As noted recently in the news at the North Pole Santa has ordered more test sleighs to be quickly constructed and for expansion of sleigh test flights.

This is not an unusual announcement. In fact, it is a very common thing at this time of the year.

With a little more than a month until flight time for Santa the expansion of tests means we are closer to having a finalized design. Santa has said he is very encouraged with how the test flights have gone and he is excited about the new sleigh design.

Of course, in order to expand the test flights more reindeer will be needed to handle the work load.

Word was sent to Bright Star ranch in Argentina to seek reindeer who can fulfill the mission of the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. Over the next few days the sleigh will shift closer to the North Pole in testing activities. It is expected that the reindeer will join the test flight team at that time.

We do not know yet if the test flights being greater in number will mean they might be spread out to other locations around the world. That is being discussed. We hope to be able to announce the tentative locations of test flight activity for the next several weeks.

As we get closer to Christmas the interest in the test flights naturally increases.

Test Flights Over Europe

Test Flights Planned Again Over Europe

Santa’s sleigh, her pilots and all 3400 reindeer have departed the North Pole and are now engaged in flight tests over North America. But they are actually headed to Europe this week for load tests.

Load tests are runs of the sleigh loaded with different amounts of weight. They will fly the sleigh over several different kinds of terrain and in all kinds of weather. In fact, I’m told that the geography of Europe is perfect for these kinds of tests. There is great variety there.

We do not yet know what timetable we’re looking at for these tests or how long the test flights will be taking place in Europe. We hope to have an update by mid-week.

We are also looking for an update on the return of Santa’s regular reindeer teams to the North Pole. But no one seems to have any information on that yet. We will keep you posted.