Final Test Flight Extended

The final test flight of Santa’s sleigh has been extended several hours. Flight engineers are testing ground based tracking and communication systems under adverse weather conditions.

These are not critical tests. They are just trying to make sure Santa can communicate in storms that he might encounter later tonight.

We still anticipate the sleigh returning in plenty of time to get it ready for Santa to launch on time.

All Trackers Check In

All Sectors, All Trackers Can Check In

Flight Command has now cleared for all trackers, no matter where they are in the world, to check in. Please do so at

Santa at the time of this post is still 22 hours away from launching. We have plenty of time to check in and receive instructions from elf supervisors.

For all trackers looking to be helpful at this time the BEST reports that are most useful to flight command from all sectors are:

1. An updated weather report.
2. A roof report for as many houses near you as you can provide.

All of these reports and more can be found at