Regional Tracking Centers

Regional Tracking Centers To Be Named Soon

Everything is happening faster at the North Pole this year – even the scouting and the naming of Regional Tracking Centers.

In every service sector North Pole Flight Command sets up a regional tracking center. These tracking centers are basically no different than the big tracking center at the North Pole. They are just smaller and focus on their particular region.

In years past the effort to name a location in each sector has been followed by a scouting mission to find just the right place to put it. But this year it’s different.

Each region is being scouted now. We will soon be announcing the cities where each tracking center will be located. Once it is named, we will send constructions crews out to build out the facility, to be following by staffing.

It is the general goal to have each regional center operational by December 1st. Santa is pushing that up this year and wants everything ready to roll by November 1st.

That’s why things are moving along now.

We expect announcements very soon about city locations.

300 Days to Santa's Launch

Only 300 Days Until Santa Launches

Elf Max just shared via that the countdown to Santa’s launch just reached the 300-day mark.

What does that mean here in Flight Command?

Well, there’s two things really going on right now here: the design phase of Santa’s new sleigh and flight classes for sleigh pilots and tracking department personnel.

Not many people think of the stuff we do this time of the year. But it is actually very important work.

Our goal is to improve on Santa’s speed and efficiency every Christmas. He just needs to be able to do things a little bit faster. That means designing the new sleigh in different ways that can give Santa more speed. And it means training all of our elves to find ways to help Santa get around the world in both a safe and efficient way.

It’s not easy. Just shaving a couple of minutes off of Santa’s time from last Christmas is a huge effort.

After all, elves at North Pole Flight Command have been doing this for decades. It takes a lot of education in math and science.

So we keep track of how much time we have until Santa needs to take off again on his merry mission. There are hundreds of different things that have to happen before Santa can launch.

We have to design the sleigh. Then it has to be built. Then it has to be flight tested. Then it has to be re-design, built and tested again. We do this over and over and over until we all feel we have done everything we can to improve things for Santa.

And now we have only 300 days to get that done.

All year long we will be marking time. So we appreciate when Elf Max posts these milestone dates. They remind us that we have very important work to complete.