Version 11

Version 11 of the Sleigh Under Construction

The other day we announced via the release of Version 10 of Santa’s sleigh. Today we announce that Version 11 of the sleigh is already under construction.

This is not an unusual event. Santa’s sleigh gets many versions as we conduct test flights. Each version is designed to be better than the last.

Santa’s sleigh will continue test flights over North America this week and then will head toward the South Pacific in Sector 1 for a while. Night flights and various weather conditions will determine the ultimate flight plans and locations each day.

With Santa’s launch a little more than 3 weeks away Flight Command is now working around the clock to be ready.

Santa’s sleigh is not the only sleigh that will be in the sky that night. This week, officials in Flight Command meet to determine the sleigh needs for Operation Airlift. We will tell you about that in our next report.

Tracking Santa by Text

Tracking Santa by Text

Tracking Santa by text will again be made available thanks to services provided by the North Pole Post Office via

This new feature allows believers, fans and trackers of Santa Claus to better access breaking news of Santa’s flight while they are on-the-go.

While all official North Pole websites offer mobile access and the official app for Tracking Santa has long been available on Android devices, this new service provides a new way of receiving alerts of tracking Santa news.

The service is free of charge and commercial messaging, per policy at the North Pole.


Thanksgiving Break Scheduled for Test Flights

Thanksgiving is a major celebration at the North Pole and all personnel associated with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh are coming home to take a break and celebrate the day. This happened at Halloween as well. All test pilots, reindeer, engineers and designers are expected home no later than November 23rd.

The sleigh, as of this date, is officially somewhere in Mexico and has been pushing north for several days.

When those crews return they will be piloting version #9 of Santa’s sleigh.

Per policy, we cannot disclose technical details or differences in each version of the sleigh. It is quite normal for a new sleigh design to go through several versions during the testing process.

A good break from test flights give the reindeer opportunity to rest up and for teams to gather together to compare notes before heading back out to continue testing the sleigh.

Bedtime Advisories

Bedtime Advisories Will Be Different This Year

The past several years, as Santa has worked to improve on his performance record, he has arrived increasingly earlier than ever before. Many years ago, to help let believers know he was close by on Christmas Eve, Santa started sending out “bedtime advisories”, an alert that helps believers know when to go to bed on Christmas Eve.

The way this has worked is very simple. Santa sends the advisory himself, directly from the sleigh.

Improvements to this system are announced today.

Santa will still send the advisory from the sleigh before he gets to each area. It is believed this advisory will come between 8pm and 10pm local time on Christmas Eve. This works nicely with Santa’s preferred delivery window of 10pm to 4am every Christmas.

But now when Santa sends the advisory it will be shared on all websites of the North Pole and, new this year, there will be sharing of that information during North Pole Radio News reports during the Tracking Santa Around the World Radio show that runs every December 23rd to 25th each year.

Radio personality and London-based news anchor Elf Victoria Wassail will tackle the assignment of announcing bedtime advisories on Kringle Radio this year.

Santa is hopeful that these efforts to better publicize the advisories will result in better compliance with early bedtime expectations on Christmas Eve.