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Debate Over Santa’s Sleigh

Intense debate is raging in North Pole Flight Command about a new sleigh for Santa in 2024. Last year’s sleigh was so successful that some elves feel improvements to Santa’s sleigh are not necessary. Santa set a new all time speed record in 2023 and finally, after years of trying, broke the 30-hour barrier in […]

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350 Days Until Launch

There remains just 350 days until Santa launches. This is likely the most quiet milestone of the year. North Pole Flight Command is minimally staffed, there have been no discussions of plans for Santa’s sleigh this year, and flights in and out of the North Pole have been suspended at the Sleigh Port since Christmas. […]

Central USA and Canada Bedtime Advisory

All areas central to Canada and the USA, as well as Mexico, are advised to now head to bed so that Santa can come, including: Costa Rica El Salvadore San Salvador Manitoba Guatemala City Mexico City Kansas City Mephis Belize Honduras Alberta Yukon Denver Cheyenne Billings Sonora Rawlins Salt Lake City Las Vegas Boise