Bedtime Advisories Will Be Different This Year

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Bedtime Advisories

The past several years, as Santa has worked to improve on his performance record, he has arrived increasingly earlier than ever before. Many years ago, to help let believers know he was close by on Christmas Eve, Santa started sending out “bedtime advisories”, an alert that helps believers know when to go to bed on Christmas Eve.

The way this has worked is very simple. Santa sends the advisory himself, directly from the sleigh.

Improvements to this system are announced today.

Santa will still send the advisory from the sleigh before he gets to each area. It is believed this advisory will come between 8pm and 10pm local time on Christmas Eve. This works nicely with Santa’s preferred delivery window of 10pm to 4am every Christmas.

But now when Santa sends the advisory it will be shared on all websites of the North Pole and, new this year, there will be sharing of that information during North Pole Radio News reports during the Tracking Santa Around the World Radio show that runs every December 23rd to 25th each year.

Radio personality and London-based news anchor Elf Victoria Wassail will tackle the assignment of announcing bedtime advisories on Kringle Radio this year.

Santa is hopeful that these efforts to better publicize the advisories will result in better compliance with early bedtime expectations on Christmas Eve.

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