Big Meetings This Week


Santa and Mrs. Claus are meeting with top elves in Flight Command this week. On the agenda seems to be everything from Santa’s sleigh to site selection for regional tracking centers.

Santa has promised to stay out of the process for the new design of the sleigh. But he wants updates and this meeting will be his first of the year to discuss progress on his new sleigh. Usually, the first several months of the year are dedicated to design before a first build is made to use in test flights. The target this year to begin test flights, we are told, will be around the first part of May. That is a bit earlier than last year.

About a month ago scouts from the Tracking Department were sent to various locations in each sector. They are looking for the right locations for this year’s regional tracking centers. The regional centers are housed with elves who not only track Santa but also prepare for his delivery phase on Christmas Eve. They help plan for his flight by identifying dangers and problem areas long before Santa ever leaves the North Pole. Santa wants an update on their progress in securing locations and an estimate for when the regional centers will be operational.

The one thing that is curious about all these meetings this week is why Mrs. Claus will be participating. This is very unusual. She typically does not get involved in things related to Operation Merry Christmas unless Santa is unavailable.

We have asked Santa for an explanation but he only said that Mrs. Claus has a large interest in what is going on.

If there is news coming out of these meetings that we can share there will be more posted later this week.


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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Hello, Elf Meg Nogg! Thank you for sharing. I hope our elf’s reports sent last year could still help for the locations. Or please let us know if we could help you now. I wonder if Mrs. Claus would get in Santa’s sleigh this Christmas Eve together. I’m looking for the next news soon and I hope the test flights are safe and going well!


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