Change of Plans for the Test Flights

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Test Flights

North Pole Flight Command has announced a change in plans for the test flights of Santa’s Sleigh.

Hurricane Beryl has caused the cancellation of speed trials which were underway already near the equator. Flights will now head south from Central America and skirt the coast of Brazil.

A decision will be made in the next few days on what flight testing priorities will become. The hope was to run speed trials at least through July 7th but unpredictable weather forecasts have caused those plans to be delayed to some other time.

“Safety is always our number one concern,” said Elf Roger Star, Director of North Pole Flight Command. “We have been meeting with our flight planners, our sleigh designers, our reindeer handlers and other associated experts and have determined we can hold those trials at both another time and in another place. At this point, we will likely head the test flights to somewhere safe in the Southern Hemisphere so we can begin cargo testing these sleighs.”

The North Pole Navy has been given a repositioning notice as well as flight priorities have shifted. It is expected that at least one ship, undetermined as of yet, will remain in the Caribbean and will ride out the hurricane.

We will keep you posted of our new flight plans as they become available.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg! I’m glad to hear the plan changed and made them okay. I agree with Elf Roger. They are so brave and flexibility. The North Pole Navy helps the test flights a lot, too. I pray for all of them to go well, smoothly, and safely!
    I’m looking forward to hearing the next from you! XD


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