Chrome Elements Added to Santa’s Sleigh

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Santa's Sleigh

Santa’s sleigh Version 2, as reported earlier, continues to perform very well. As a result, the next step in modification of Santa’s sleigh includes customizations Santa himself has ordered.

These changes are considered mostly cosmetic and will likely not affect the speed or performance of Santa’s sleigh.

Santa communicated by Zoom call this week with designers in the Sleigh Department to finalize decisions on the look of the sleigh.

The sleigh this year will be a traditional red with gold pin stripes. In a surprise move, Santa ordered heavy chrome trim for the runners, both side tops and to front and rear facings.

North Pole Security voiced immediate concerns about how these highly reflective finishes will affect the visibility of Santa’s sleigh in the skies, especially from a distance.

Santa rejected those concerns.

Tech designers objected to the added weight the chrome will give the sleigh.

Test flights this week over Sector 5 were flown with the estimated addition of representative weight these new chrome elements and no performance concerns were raised during the test.

In a surprise bit of news Santa asked for the final cosmetic changes of the sleigh to be ready “before Thanksgiving”. This is about a month before Santa flies and far earlier than normal.

We will keep you posted on additional changes to Santa’s sleigh.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg Nogg. Sounds cool! Santa is so excited and expects a lot about the sleigh this year. I’m glad to hear about Santa’s sleigh design and the chrome trim doesn’t affect flying too! It may make us recognize it easily from the ground. But Tracker elves around the world can’t see it on Christmas Eve. I wish we could see it as other people can. I’m looking forward to hearing the next post! XD

  2. elf Radar
    elf Radar says:

    I remember reading that Santa enjoys car shows. I wonder if he was visiting car shows during his walkabout and got the idea from looking at the cars. Chrome certainly does have eye appeal and seems to invoke a sense of speed. I would love to see it!


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