Experts to Ask for a Different Sleigh

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Santa is soon to return to the North Pole and when he gets here he will face a growing group of flight experts who plan to ask him to re-consider his choice of a sleigh for his ride later tonight. They feel not enough time has recently been spent in the vintage sleigh Santa plans to use to safely carry him around the world.

They might run into a problem meeting with Santa, however. These final hours before launch are traditionally spent with Mrs. Claus to get fed and outfitted for the flight. Santa also likes to squeeze in a little nap.

Meanwhile, a variety of teams are scrambling to adjust to Santa’s new plans.

The vintage sleigh moves fast but not as fast as the sleigh Santa used last year. All flight plans were made based on a model similar to last Christmas. Some experts are predicting it could take Santa five or more hours longer than last year’s flight to get around the world. That would push his deliveries in many areas to as late as 4pm, the very end of Santa’s planned delivery window.

We will keep you posted.

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