Finalist Locations for Regional Tracking Centers

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Elf Roger Star, Director of North Pole Flight Command, today released the final location candidates for regional tracking centers to be used for Christmas 2023.

These regional tracking centers, which are new every year, house elf-staffed teams that coordinate Santa’s flight in each sector. There are five sectors that divide the world:

Sectors of the World

Here are the ten finalist locations for each sector:

Sector 1: Ajeltake, Majuro, Marshall Islands; Port Vila, Vanuatu; Nadi, Fiji; Twizel, New Zealand; Koror, Palau; Mati, Philippines; Nabari, Japan; Sataoa, Samoa; Flower Pot, Tasmania; Zucchelli Station, Antarctica.

Sector 2: Rayong, Thailand; Sanya, China; Grozny, Georgia; Abha, Saudi Arabia; Sklad, Russia; Gimpo-si, South Korea; Yaan, China; Galle, Sri Lanka; Surat, India; Mary, Turkmenistan.

Sector 3: Agona, Ghana; Seafield, South Africa; Patras, Greece; San Marco, Italy; Lenzburg, Switzerland; Jena, Germany; Askola, Finland; Rena, Norway; Vik, Iceland; Santander, Spain.

Sector 4: Paamiut, Greenland; Etah, Greenland; North Arm, Falkland Islands; Esperanza, Argentina; Victoria, Chile; Bridgetown, Barbados; Buga, Columbia; Sao Carlos, Brazil; Posadas, Argentina; San Nicolas, Aruba.

Sector 5: Jaco, Costa Rica; Trinidad, Honduras; Crown Haven, Bahamas; Wild Goose, Ontario, Canada; Rochester, Minnesota, USA; Blue River, BC, Canada; Lake Louise, Alaska, USA; Tahoma, California, USA; Clyde, Texas, USA; Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.

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  1. Weathertrackingelf
    Weathertrackingelf says:

    I have a idea for the next command post for sector 5. What about a small town in Oklahoma called Buttermilk?

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg! I’m glad one of the locations is in my country. I’m looking forward to hearing where they choose and working together for Santa 2023!


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