First Test Flights Will Be Over Sector 3

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First Test Flights

The first test flights of Santa’s sleigh will take place over Sector 3 in Africa and Europe. Flights should begin over the Sector on June 26th.

For the next several weeks I am told that the flights will be high altitude tests putting the sleigh through various procedures to test flight worthiness. The sleigh will be tested both loaded and unloaded. All 12 sleighs will be in flight at various hours.

We know we will be asked if the sleigh will be visible while in flight. The answer, as always, is “maybe”. High altitude tests will make it difficult. Complicating factors will be weather, smog or smoke, cloud cover and other environmental factors. While these will be high altitude they will not necessarily be “high speed”. Those flights come much later in the test schedule.

While the sleigh is in flight we do have professional tracker elves in some locations of Sector 3. They are testing their equipment and training for flight observation as part of their work in preparing for Santa’s actual flight later this year.

The sleigh will be over Sector 3 for about a week.

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