First Test Flights Recorded

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First Test Flights

The first test flights of Santa’s new sleigh have been monitored here at North Pole Flight Command. Last month Santa signed off on the first authorized sleigh re-design and the sleigh was built in the North Pole Research and Development Department over the past several weeks. Today that sleigh was flown for the first time.

These important first steps are critical to setting up an aggressive test flight schedule for the sleigh in the weeks and months ahead.

The first flights evaluate the safety of the new sleigh and if it is flight worthy. These are the most important steps. The test pilots who test the first flights of any new sleigh design are very brave elves. They never know exactly how a new sleigh will respond at all.

We will continue with a very strict protocol that tests very basic flight functions. These flights are short and monitored on the ground, in the air and via camera. Every safety precaution is employed.

It will take us several more days of brief flights. Then the engineers will review the data and, if necessary, will recommend design changes before going to the next phase of testing.

Many have asked when test flights can be monitored by tracking elves for their own training purposes. That is likely still several weeks away.

We will keep you posted.

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