Flight Takes a Breather

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After more than 20-continuous hours in flight the test flight caravan of 11 sleighs has paused for the next 8 hours at least. They have landed on the deck of the SS Tannenbaum, which is on duty in the Indian Ocean.

Nearly 20 hours ago the flights resumed in the South Pacific, heading east first to Milagro, Ecuador. From there they crossed over South America and over the South Atlantic before appearing in the skies over Sector 3’s regional tracking center in Bethlehem, South Africa.

Then they broke north through Ethiopia and into Palestine, where they did a flyby of the Regional Tracking Center in Bethlehem, just east of Jerusalem in Israel. Continuing south and east they just landed in the Indian Ocean to end their day.

When flights resume tomorrow it is believed they will head east towards Australia.

Their flight schedule after that has not yet been determined.

We will keep you informed.

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