How to Become an Elf
If you want to become an elf you are not alone. Every year the Elf Resources Department at the North pole receives millions of applications for open elf positions.

But you just don’t apply and start working in Santa’s workshop. You don’t just get hired right off the bat to work with Santa’s reindeer. For that matter, Santa has millions of elves in thousands of positions that will never get hired for right off the street. From weather, to flight operations, to the North Pole Post Office, to the Wrapping Department or to news and public relations — these are not positions for those who still have not learned to be an elf.

Being an elf is more than just applying for a job. An Elf is a title — like President or Principal. It takes a bit to learn those skills.

We want you to become an elf. Santa wants you to become an elf.

But you need to go about it the right way.

The first thing you need to do is come up with an elf name. This is something you absolutely, positively must must must must must keep completely secret. You cannot tell anyone, not even your Mom. It is a secret elf name.

Why does it need to be secret? Well, a lot of things elves do are secret. Same with Santa. There is a lot that is done in the Santa business that nobody ever knows about. The first job as an elf is to keep those secrets. If you cannot keep the secret of your very own elf name then chances are you cannot keep anything else secret, too.

So think of a name you will use as an elf but don’t tell anyone!

Second, you will need to learn The Elf Code. Just click the link and learn it. Tuck it away inside your heart. Know it. Live it. Love it. Be able to explain it to other elves. Be prepared to one day talk with Santa about it.

The third thing you need to do is to prove yourself — for a LONG period of time. It will take many, many Christmases working in an elf job you likely don’t want until you get the elf job you do want.

That is how all of us as elves have become North Pole Elves, workers in Santa’s workshop, handlers of Santa’s reindeer or launchers of Santa’s sleigh. We all did something else as an elf because we got the jobs that we do.

How long will it take?

Well, it can take hundreds of years. For some, thousands.

But don’t fret over it. Santa knows you’re out there. He knows your heart. He knows what you are capable of. He knows what you want to do. It’s okay to write to him and tell him but you don’t have to because — he knows!

He knows some of you still need to finish growing up. You need to complete school. You need to become a good person who looks out for the needs of others. He needs to see certain qualities in you before he can move you along in your elf career.

Luckily for you there is a way — today — that you can become an elf. It never used to be like this. But these days you can apply to become an elf and become one right away.

You will be given important work to do right where you live. You do not need to leave your home and come here to the North Pole to be an elf. In fact, these days most of Santa’s elves do NOT live at the North Pole.

Just go here first to become an elf. Then go to this website to sign up for the first job that all Santa’s elves do — Tracking Santa for Santa.