Official North Pole Websites

The North Pole has kept official websites designed and operated by the North Pole Public Relations Department for decades. Each of these websites are commercial-free, family friendly and child-safe. They are continually reviewed by Santa Claus and meet his approval.

Santa Update was the North Pole’s first website, started back in 1991. This website is dedicated to providing news and information about Santa Claus and Operation Merry Christmas, what we have long called the effort to get Santa around the world every Christmas. It is our main website. If you want to know all about North Pole life, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and what elves do every day of the year this is the site to begin with.

ElfHQ is where regular people can go to begin their elf careers. It is the secret wish of many children and adults alike to become one of Santa’s elves. We provide a way for you to do it — to actually help Santa every Christmas. You will need to take an oath and get some training. But you can begin working as an elf today. Santa can never have enough elves.

Santa Trackers is a special website just for elves who track Santa for Santa. Not many realize the work that it takes to get Santa around the world every Christmas Eve. It takes millions of elves and thousands of reindeer and sleighs. is for elves who are assigned as trackers.

Tracking Santa is a website for casual trackers of Santa who just want to see where he is on a map.

Jingle Kringle manages texts to and from the North Pole every Christmas. For those with mobile phones who want to receive news by text this site manages that.

Santa’s Voicemail receives millions of calls for Santa each year. Reaching Santa by phone (for free) is something many want to do. This site has the number and manages the calls.

Kringle Radio is the North Pole’s radio station and home to North Pole Radio News. Our famous North Pole news broadcasts are shared on websites around the world thanks to the hard-working elves who bring the music and the news to you via Kringle Radio.

North Pole Podcast is home to a merry podcast brought to you by North Pole Radio News. These are longer radio shows dedicated to answering questions from Santa fans and exploring the life and legend of Santa Claus and the North Pole.

Santa’s Sleigh is an effort to help families in need every Christmas. This simple outreach works with churches and local aid organizations around the world to help those who need a Merry Christmas.