The North Pole has been tracking Santa longer than anyone — centuries! And we have been doing it electronically and for the public online since 1991. That makes us the oldest virtual Santa tracker in all the world.

It never dawned on us that there would be one day other Santa trackers online. Why would there need to be when we have been here the whole time?

The interest in Santa is one that never ceases to amaze us. Other Santa trackers have developed in countries around the world because Santa has fans around the world. Most of them developed because they did not know the North Pole was already doing it.

Here is the difference between what we do and what other Santa trackers do: we track Santa for the entire world.

We track Santa FOR Santa. Our job is not to tell the world where Santa is but rather to support Santa in the discharge of his duties. We help Santa plan his flight, launch his sleigh, coordinate his resources and support his operation with thousands of other flights, reindeer and elves. Santa does not do it all alone. He has a lot of help.

Other Santa trackers track Santa for themselves. They want and need to know where Santa is relative to his scheduled arrive in their country. Some countries use their own military to track Santa. Others use their own weather observers to track Santa. Some use television, radio or other media to track Santa. Some of these trackers are good at what they do, others are still learning how to do it.

The plain fact of the matter is that no outside source beyond Santa’s own tracking from the North Pole has the technological capability to accurately track Santa in real time. Santa just moves too darn fast.

In some cases, some countries actually work with North Pole Flight Command to obtain tracking data. We gladly offer such information free of charge. Hey, we work for Santa.

If you want the whole truth, the clear and absolute facts, the entire plan, story and unfolding of Santa’s total flight, we are the ultimate source.