International Director of Santa Trackers Named

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Santa Trackers

Elf Roger Star, new director of North Pole Flight Command, announced today a new International Director of Santa Trackers. Elf Crash Murphy, famously called the Ultimate Santa Tracker, has been promoted to the position.

Elf Crash Murphy was the inspiration for the Tracker Elf program instituted by Santa in 2016. As Kringle Radio’s “Eye-in-the-Sky” reporter, Elf Crash has dutifully followed Santa in a chaser sleigh every Christmas Eve for years, giving live radio reports of Santa’s activities on his annual sleigh ride.

His Santa tracker efforts led to the idea that millions of believers around the world could be deputized to “track Santa for Santa”, aiding the Big Guy by reporting on local conditions in advance of Santa’s arrival in neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities worldwide.

Since that time millions of people of all ages have taken the Elf Oath and engaged with North Pole Flight Command as “tracker elves”.

Elf Crash Murphy now leads this growing group of elves, replacing Elf Roger Star, who headed up the pilot program for years under Santa’s direction.

“Elf Crash Murphy is the natural leader for this group,” said Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations, which operates the News Department at the North Pole. Elf Ernest has been Crash’s boss as part of his radio assignments. “Nobody knows these elves better. He has contributed hours to their training. He participates in regular chats and podcasts and news reports, all aimed at support the elf community. We’re thrilled for him.”

Elf Crash begins his assignment immediately. By special arrangement with Santa, Elf Crash will continue his broadcasting duties every Christmas Eve.

As the new International Director of Santa Trackers it is expected that Elf Crash will continue to participate in North Pole podcasts and radio news reports in that capacity.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Congratulations again to Elf Crash! Elves around Santa are excellent, and Elf Crash is one of the most amazing elves I know. I remember when he and Elf Frank immediately noticed and asked me in their chat the first time. Of course, they don’t know how much I was so happy and still appreciate it even if they don’t remember what they told me, lol. I’m excited to enjoy working with them and all of the elves for Santa this year! Thank you and Merry Christmas! *^^*


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