Meetings About Santa’s Sleigh

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In an usual turn of events all top elves at North Pole Flight Command have been summoned for a meeting on Saturday. Saturday marks one week until Christmas Eve.

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh are usually more or less over by now. The tracker map at presently shows the test flights over the UK. It is unknown where they are headed next.

It is unlikely that High Command will be discussing the sleigh’s flight plan. The test flight operations team takes care of that detail and it is based upon how the sleigh is responding and in weather conditions that it needs to be tested in.

Rumors have run rampant at the North Pole, especially in Flight Command, that the sleigh has either a 12th version that will be tested or even that the sleigh itself will be retired and taken up again next season.

If that were to happen, Santa does have a backup plan. Though classified, it is assumed by most that Santa would use the record-setting sleigh from last year as his vehicle of choice for this season.

We remind you that these are just rumors. As far as we officially know, the current version of the sleigh is the one Santa will use and that test flights have been satisfactory.

Will Santa be involved in Saturday’s meeting? That is information we do not presently know.

We will keep you updated.

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