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More Reindeer for Test Flights

As noted recently in the news at the North Pole Santa has ordered more test sleighs to be quickly constructed and for expansion of sleigh test flights.

This is not an unusual announcement. In fact, it is a very common thing at this time of the year.

With a little more than a month until flight time for Santa the expansion of tests means we are closer to having a finalized design. Santa has said he is very encouraged with how the test flights have gone and he is excited about the new sleigh design.

Of course, in order to expand the test flights more reindeer will be needed to handle the work load.

Word was sent to Bright Star ranch in Argentina to seek reindeer who can fulfill the mission of the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. Over the next few days the sleigh will shift closer to the North Pole in testing activities. It is expected that the reindeer will join the test flight team at that time.

We do not know yet if the test flights being greater in number will mean they might be spread out to other locations around the world. That is being discussed. We hope to be able to announce the tentative locations of test flight activity for the next several weeks.

As we get closer to Christmas the interest in the test flights naturally increases.

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