New Sleigh Design Rejected

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New Sleigh

The newest design of Santa’s sleigh was rejected in a meeting held at North Pole Flight Command.

For months engineers and sleigh designers have followed a very careful path in designing a new sleigh for Santa. After the issues last year with the new sleigh it is critical that they find solutions.

After months of meetings and tests a final design was agreed upon and it just needed approval before a prototype is constructed so that test flights can begin.

But Mrs. Claus, of all people, put a stop to their efforts and asked for adjustments to their design.

According to Elf Roger Star, director of North Pole Flight Command, Mrs. Claus objected to the design of the rear deck of the sleigh. She said the design “looked pretty” but was impractical. The sleigh had a flat deck with expanded “fins”, that gave it a very fast look. Mrs. Claus even admitted the new design would likely fly faster as well.

The objection has more to do with function than style, she said. The rear deck is where elves work to reload the sleigh. It needs to accommodate massive amounts of “stuff”, as she called it, and the new design would not allow for that.

Mrs. Claus said Santa would definitely be frustrated with such a design because it would require constant reloading of the sleigh, which would slow him down.

It should be remembered that Mrs. Claus is a licensed and qualified sleigh pilot who has some limited experience with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Sleigh designers are disappointed but said they could make the required adjustments still in time for test flights to begin by the target date of June 1st.

Mrs. Claus will meet with them again in two weeks.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg. I’m curious how different their last sleigh and the 1970s sleigh Santa rode last Christmas. I understand the designers are disappointed with their new sleigh, but I think it’s the better way to notice the problem before the test flights. I hope they can figure it out by then. By the way, I’m curious if Santa was okay with the last sleigh during his flight or if he felt something. I think Mrs. Claus knows it too! ^^


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