New Sleigh is Ready for Test Flights

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Rumors out of the North Pole Research and Development Department are that Santa’s new sleigh for 2020 is close to being ready.

Confirming those rumors today, Elf Quinton Q. Quigley, who directs the R&D Department, said the sleigh was ready for test flights.

“Santa has been very hands-on with this year’s new sleigh and he is very particular about details,” Elf Quigley said. “But it’s all been good because he is an exceptional designer and, of course, an expert pilot. He smashed speed records last Christmas so he is very intent on doing even better this year. I can tell you that Santa is very anxious to fly this sleigh.”

Santa will not be test piloting the new sleigh.

He has other priorities at this time, we are told.

Last year Santa didn’t even touch the sleigh until Christmas Eve. This year he is hoping to find time to actually get in the sleigh before he takes flight. He feels he can shave an extra 15 minutes or more off his overall flight time if he has a chance to practice.

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