New Sleigh, Old Design

New Sleigh

A new sleigh will be built for Santa in 2022 but it will re-use the design developed last year, it was announced today.

Santa’s record-breaking flight from last Christmas is largely the reason for this decision. Santa met with design teams and flight analysts over the past several weeks to discuss the sleigh’s flaws and room for improvement. It was decided that the sleigh performed at such a high level that not many design changes would be needed.

That means the plans and the timeline for the development of Santa’s new sleigh for 2022 will be very different than in year’s past.

Last year, the first four months of the year were busy with design prototypes. Santa and the Research and Development Department spent so much time evaluating different designs that a test flight schedule had to be started in early June. That will not be necessary this year.

While a new test flight schedule has not yet been set it is expected that test flights of Santa’s sleigh for 2022 will begin much later this year.

We will keep you posted of the details of construction of Santa’s new sleigh. In the meantime, Santa’s sleigh from last year has been moved to the North Pole Sleigh Museum. Visitors will be able to see the new sleigh exhibit beginning in March.

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