New Sleighs Ready for Testing

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New Sleighs

The end of the road comes today for the first generation of the newly redesigned sleigh that Santa will fly this year. It will be a sleigh design that goes down in dubious history simply because it crashed last week.

But it is not unusual for a year’s first design to end dubiously. They never get Santa’s sleigh right on the first go around. In fact, there are as many as 15 or 16 different versions of Santa’s sleight tested each year before one is identified as “the” sleigh for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Since this year’s sleigh is based on last year’s record breaking flight, there won’t be 15 or 16 versions of it. There just isn’t time for that.

But the next generation is ready – freshly painted and ready for the test pilot and reindeer teams when they arrive at the North Pole.

The test flights, under this new design, will then move to another location to begin extensive daily testing. We will share that location with you in about 24 hours. The final touches are just now being put on the flight plan.

We have received, via the tracker elf reports from, several purported sleigh sighting reports and some images. Here is an image shared with us from Southern Colorado just tonight:

Not Sleighs

Flight Command has received many such images in the past 36 hours or so. But those are not sleighs you are seeing, but rather satellites.

None of the images like this that we have received match up with the timeline of the current flights.

So we are still awaiting our first images of sleighs in flight for this year.

Maybe it will happen with the new sleighs we are sending out.

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