New Sleighs Sent to Sector 5

New Sleighs

Flights of Santa’s Sleigh – officially called Version 3 – revealed new issues in recent tests. Flight engineers, test pilots and sleigh designers met on board of the SS Jingle Bell more than a week ago to discuss needed changes.

That resulted in a quick build of Version 4 of Santa’s sleigh. 12 shiny new and updated sleighs have been sent to Mexico, of all places, where test flights will shift next week.

Tracker elves in Sector may soon be hearing from Elf Pinky, as the course of flight action is expected over the skies of Sector 5 in the next week.

How long will Version 4 last? It’s hard to say.

Flight Command has added accommodations aboard the SS Jingle Bell to serve more teams from Flight Command from the North Pole. The flights of Version 4 will be watched very closely. Santa’s Workshop has also been placed on alert to aid the Research and Development Department in rush builds of even the next version, should another one be necessary.

In addition, test flights are stepping up in their schedule. We do not yet have confirmation but rumor has it that elves in the Reindeer Operations Department have been called to see if more reindeer can be made available to aid in the test flights of Santa’s sleigh for the next two months.

Please standby for additional breaking news.

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  1. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    Here’s hoping for smooth flights for Version 4! It’s surprising but makes sense that Santa’s Workshop might have to step in to help with building the next version; they seem like exceptional craftsmen!

  2. emmerson
    emmerson says:

    i hope all flights are good! and every kid doesn’t miss a present! i also hope that the weather isn’t as bad as many say its going to be!


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