North Pole Navy Deployed

The North Pole Navy has deployed to the North Atlantic as part of the test flight plan for Santa’s sleigh.

The sleigh craft carrier Snowball is leading the three-ship convoy that will support flight operations. Led by Elf Captain Jane Dunphy the Snowball will in essence become a floating tracking center. It will support at least 8 sleighs and about 200 reindeer, as well as serving as a flight command center for Sectors 3 and 5.

The North Pole Navy is expected to deploy another sleigh craft carrier and support vessels in the Pacific the following week. That ship, dubbed Jingle Bell, is led by Elf Captain Denny Marshall. In addition to the capabilities listed above this ship also serves as a training center for professional tracker elves deployed by the North Pole each fall. That school for trackers will start training on June 22.

The North Pole Navy is little known by the world but it is an extensive fleet that provide Santa will many kinds of strategic support both before and during his annual flight. We may feature more news about the fleet in future reports.

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