North Pole Navy Starts to Reposition

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North Pole Navy

The North Pole Navy has started their repositioning mission to be in place ahead of Santa’s flight. Orders were passed to the fleet today via North Pole Flight Command. This is where they are headed:

SS Jingle Bell – Headed to the North Pacific
SS Snowball – Steaming towards the South Pacific
SS Tannenbaum – Destined for the Gulf of Mexico
SS Donner – Staying in the mid-Atlantic
SS Eggnog – Headed for the Indian Ocean
SS Mistletoe – To ne anchored in the Philippine Sea
SS Frosty – Steaming to the Bay of Bengal

There are several smaller vessels that will be working as part of Operation Merry Christmas this year. We do not know their name, their number nor their destinations yet.

The North Pole Navy positions these ships to support flight operations and to serve as mobile, back-up Regional Tracking Centers.

Their movement is coordinated with the efforts of Operation Airlift, a deployment of thousands of freighter sleighs, scout teams and other support aircraft that fly both in advance of and during Santa’s flight.

We will keep you posted on this breaking story.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg Nogg! Awesome and exciting Operation Merry Christmas! Are their repositionings constantly the same every year? I didn’t know that thousands and thousands of elves and reindeer worked for Santa on Christmas Eve before. I’m delighted to help Santa with all of you, the elves together! XD


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