North Pole Navy Tests Santa’s Sleigh

North Pole Navy

The North Pole Navy is in the Pacific and performing test flights of Santa’s sleigh. This is a routine exercise designed to see how well Santa’s sleigh can work under the direction of the Navy and to practice take-offs and landings on Navy vessels.

“Not a lot of people know the North Pole even has a Navy,” said flight director, Elf Buck Sanchez. “And that is perfectly fine by Santa. But the truth is that the North Pole Navy plays a vital role in Operation Merry Christmas for Santa. There are thousands of sailor-elves and the Navy has a number of ships, boats, tugs and submarines that operate under secret orders.”

We do occasionally share news of the North Pole Navy via Flight Command. After all, they have to work together at Christmas in support of Santa. But most news about them is shared via

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