Operation Airlift Gets Ready

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Operation Airlift

Operation Airlift is in the preparation stages now. This little-known part of Operation Merry Christmas is a big part of Flight Command’s duties.

Operation Airlift is the coordination of thousands of reindeers and sleighs who work in support of Santa. These sleigh move elves, freight and needed supplies around the world as Santa makes his rounds. (Not everything can fit in Santa’s sleigh).

To get this to work, Flight Command has to organize the sleighs into launch groups and begin sending those sleighs on their missions well in advance of Santa’s flight. Unlike the launch of Santa’s sleigh, little fanfare is made of their work.

Today, those sleighs are lining up. At some point before Santa’s flight they will begin their Christmas adventures.

Plan to tune in here and on other official North Pole websites to hear the progress of Operation Airlift via the Tracking Santa Around the World Radio show. You should see a radio player at the footer of this site.

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