Pilot for Final Test Flight of Santa’s Sleigh

Test Flight Pilor

The final test flight of Santa’s Sleigh is now officially scheduled to depart in about 12 hours. North Pole Flight Command has announced that veteran pilot Elf Ace McHenry will take command of the flight.

Being the final test flight pilot is a singular honor for elves who serve as part of the North Pole Air Force. It is generally recognized that the pilot chosen for this duty as distinguished themselves above others during the course of the year in helping to contribute to the cause of Santa.

To get the honor is to more or less win a spot in the Test Pilot Hall of Fame at the North Pole.

The honor is a long time coming for Commander McHenry, who has served in the North Pole Air Force for many years. He has long been considered an elite pilot, one of the very best that Santa has.

We will, as always, track the path of the final test flight of Santa’s sleigh when it launches from the North Pole.

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