Contract Signed for Regional HQ in Sector 4

Regional HQ

The regional HQ location for Sector 4 was finalized today when a contract was signed for a facility in Milgro, Ecuador. It is the first time Ecuador will host North Pole Flight Command.

Milagro is a city of approximately 200,000 people, so it is a bit bigger than most remote locations that North Pole Flight Command looks for. Residing at sea level and positioned near the equator means elves coming from the North Pole can expect a green Christmas with warm temperatures. The name Milagro means “miracle”.

The selection is something of a surprise. Many felt this year the Caribbean would receive it’s first regional HQ assignment with so many island nations making the list of finalists.

“Selecting an island is almost always a challenge,” reported Elf Phineas King, a lead elf on the selection committee. “We require rock-steady power and Internet and that’s not always easy to secure on an island. It’s getting better and better with time but for this year we felt Milagro had just the right mix of amenities and seclusion needed to get the job done.”

This first and early announcement is also a surprise. It was felt that selections in Sectors 1 and 5 might come first because they had a broader pool of acceptable finalists.

“Milagro just fell into place in just the past couple of days.” Elf Phineas said. “The building became available, it requires almost no modification and we can begin work immediately. We feel this regional command center can be operational before Christmas in July and that would be a big bonus.”

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