Regional Tracking Center for Sector 2 Announced

Regional Tracking Center

The Regional Tracker Center in Sector 2 will be located in the ancient Christmas city of Bethlehem, Palestine.

Known for being the hometown of King David and the birthplace of Jesus Christ, the biblical-but-still-bustling little town of Bethlehem has been chosen to host a special facility that will headquarter North Pole Flight Command regional activities in Sector 2, which covers Asia and the Middle East.

This location breaks with recent tradition of hosting a regional tracking center in a busy place. Bethlehem is home to the Church of the Nativity, which draws thousands of visitors every Christmas season.

While the regional HQ will be located in Bethlehem sources from the Locating Committee are refusing to say exactly where within Bethlehem it will be. North Pole Security has already warned that disclosure of the actual location would be a violation of the Elf Oath and could put Santa’s flight in danger.

The Regional Tracking Center will house elves and equipment that will be used to help coordinate Santa’s annual flight. They will process information sent in to North Pole Flight Command from tracker elves all over Sector 2.

Sector 2 is just the 2nd sector to announce their location for this year. Sector 4 previously announced their location several months ago. It is expected that we will learn the location of the other sectors very soon.

Elf Supervisor over Sector 2, Elf Clif Moyer, is already enroute to Bethlehem with a team of elves to get things set up there before the first test flights of Santa’s sleigh launch later this month.

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