Regional Tracking Centers To Be Named Soon

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Regional Tracking Centers

Everything is happening faster at the North Pole this year – even the scouting and the naming of Regional Tracking Centers.

In every service sector North Pole Flight Command sets up a regional tracking center. These tracking centers are basically no different than the big tracking center at the North Pole. They are just smaller and focus on their particular region.

In years past the effort to name a location in each sector has been followed by a scouting mission to find just the right place to put it. But this year it’s different.

Each region is being scouted now. We will soon be announcing the cities where each tracking center will be located. Once it is named, we will send constructions crews out to build out the facility, to be following by staffing.

It is the general goal to have each regional center operational by December 1st. Santa is pushing that up this year and wants everything ready to roll by November 1st.

That’s why things are moving along now.

We expect announcements very soon about city locations.

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