Reindeer Auditioning for Test Flight Team

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Reindeer Audition

Over the next six days “auditions” will be held for reindeer who want to participate on Santa’s sleigh test flight teams.

As you read earlier this week, Santa’s sleigh has been flown for the first time this year and rigorous testing will soon commence that will go nearly up until the day that Santa launches.

Santa already has a regular team of reindeer he uses specifically for test flights. But given the advance nature of sleigh tests this year he wants to add more reindeer to the the team.

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh can be taxing on the reindeer who participate. They are expected to fly in all kinds of weather and to fly at all hours of the day and night. Test flights are conducted in special areas all over the world.

Santa needs reindeer of all kinds of abilities. It isn’t enough to have reindeer who are fast. He needs reindeer who are strong and who have outstanding stamina. It is considered an honor in the reindeer community to be selected to the test flight team.

They will be assembling those test flight teams this next week. We do not know how many reindeer Santa will be adding but he will be involved in the process and assigning reindeer to specific tours of duty all over the world between now and Christmas.

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