Reindeer Fatigue Becoming an Issue

Reindeer fatigue is setting in among the teams of reindeer being used for test flights of Santa’s sleigh. Since early August sleighs have been in flight almost constantly, with reindeer and test pilots often working as long as 12 hours at a time.

“We only requested about 3400 reindeer, thinking Santa’s other reindeer would be starting to show up by now,” said Elf Buck Sanchez, Operations Director at North Pole Flight Command. “We need to give these teams some rest. So we have sent in a request for some reindeer relief.”

It should be noted that all of these reindeer working the test flights are specially chosen for this duty. They are used to a rigorous schedule. None of them are injured or in poor health at this time.

Santa’s sleigh continues flights over the mid-Atlantic this week.

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