Reindeer Invited Home

Reindeer Invited Home

Santa’s reindeer have been invited home to the North Pole. North Pole Flight Command has officially requested a greater number of reindeer teams for further test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

After Christmas each year the reindeer leave for a season to return to their natural habitat. The reindeer come from every continent. They return usually in late summer or early fall of their own accord.

But in an unprecedented announcement, Flight Command has requested the reindeer to “return back to the North Pole earlier this year”.

News of the test flights is good. The sleigh is presently over Sector 5 doing high altitude maneuvers. Plans for the coming weeks have not been shared but flights do continue 24-hours a day. It is not known at this time if the sleigh will be tested in more than one place at a time in the weeks ahead.

Not all reindeer are test-flight certified either. So this call for reindeer is not for all reindeer.

Additionally, it is not known if this call will work. Reindeer are scattered in very remote places. Most have no access to technology and it is not known how they communicate. Santa has indicated that he has never asked them to come to the North Pole at a specific time before. So while the word is out there for their return there is no guarantee how many reindeer will even know about it.

Flight Command has even failed to be specific with where “home” might be. The North Pole Navy is stationed in both the Atlantic and Pacific, hosting floating command centers to help direct test flight activities. Would the reindeer need to show up there? Or is it better for them to just return to the Reindeer Barn at the North Pole.

Is this call just part of training? Or is it a serious need?

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  1. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    I’m glad to hear that the reindeer are coming home- and, selfishly, that not all of them are being called yet! I can’t say much but I might be going somewhere where I can see Santa’s reindeer (fingers crossed), so I hope that can still go on!


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