Reindeer Returning to the North Pole

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Reindeer Returning to the North Pole

We are seeing more and more reindeer returning to the North Pole in recent days. Santa has directed that test flights of the new sleigh accelerate. This means he needs more reindeer.

A call was made earlier this week to reindeer ranches around the world maintained by the North Pole. Elves working in those locations enthusiastically responded to Santa’s request.

Santa may venture out to visit some of the reindeer ranches soon. If true, it will be the first time he has left the North Pole since he returned abruptly from his walkabout in early April.

Of course, the virus concerns are still very real and some at the North Pole have expressed doubts that Santa should go. A recent visit with Elf Dr. Lionel P. Spock suggests that Santa has received an evaluation and has been cleared for travel. If this happens we will let you know.

We have had nothing but good news coming from the test flights of Santa’s new sleigh. It is performing very, very well.

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