Santa Expands the North Pole Navy

We are pleased to announce that Santa has ordered the expansion of the North Pole Navy. The follow ships have been deployed for service in the following locations:

SS Jingle Bell – Flagship serving in the Pacific
SS Snowball – Serving in the Arctic Ocean
SS Tannenbaum – Serving in the Indian Ocean
SS Donner – Serving in the North Atlantic
SS Eggnog – Serving in the South Atlantic
SS Mistletoe – Serving in the Coral Sea
SS Frosty – Serving in the Southern Ocean (Antarctica)

These seven vessels serve the Santa effort non-stop between now and when Santa returns on Christmas morning. They have been deployed to these fields of service with full crews and enough supplies to last for the duration of Operation Merry Christmas.

They serve many capacities. They are, in effect, floating tracking centers. They support sleigh flights all over the world. They carry critical supplies and have access to warehouses all over the world. They work to supply and re-supply sleighs in transit. They support elf travel and accommodations year round.

These ships are crucial part of Santa’s operation. They receive little notice and, because much of what they do is classified, we are unable to share much of the news of their action and accomplishments.

We will do the best we can to share what news of them we can as the season progresses.

Elf Meg Nogg
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