Santa to Send Bedtime Advisories

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Santa Claus will once again send Bedtime Advisories direct from his sleigh via North Pole Flight Command.

With so much to do, why does Santa chose to send the bedtime advisories himself?

Santa knows that Christmas Eve is a very important time for families. He knows that customs vary from place to place. In some countries, children go to bed early but in other places it is a tradition to stay up very late on Christmas Eve.

Santa knows this about every place he travels.

But more importantly, Santa knows where he is going – and that is the deciding factor of when a bed time advisory is sent.

We remind you that Santa sends a bedtime advisory as a courtesy. It is not a command. It is not even a wish. It is just a little reminder from Santa to believers everywhere that Santa is coming.

As a general rule, an official bedtime advisory from Santa Claus will arrive between 8:00pm and 10:00pm local time. Santa signals it from the sleigh and it will appear right here on

We encourage you to track Santa via the Official North Pole websites of and That way you will not only know where Santa is but you will likely be able to anticipate when the right time is to go to bed on Christmas Eve.


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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg Nogg! I hope my country’s capital city will be in Sector 1 this year. I heard Santa came here around 21:30, so I think he will be faster than the last time. Exciting! I wonder if Santa can come to my light-off room, but how about if other rooms have lights then?
    Santa launch is coming soon, Merry Days, and Merry Christmas to everyone! XD


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