Sector 5 Regional HQ Announced

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Sector 5

Sector 5, the area covering North and Central America, will have their regional tracking center located back in the United States this year. It will be located in Mistletoe, Kentucky.

This rural location is known for it’s local crop of the Christmas icon, Mistletoe. That parasitic plant grows at the top of Oak trees during the fall and winter months. It’s ability to grow during a cold and sometimes harsh season made it a symbol for eternity for ancient peoples who celebrated Christmas.

Mistletoe, Kentucky was once a small settlement that had a post office. But even that is now gone. It is a rural area with a lake nearby and only a few scattered residents. It’s low altitude makes for a fairly mild winter environment and North Pole Flight Command considers its remote location ideal for tracking the busiest sector on the map.

Elf Pinky and team are there now, working in what she calls “a huge barn with lots of spiders”, to get set up before the test flights of Santa’s sleigh begins.

Of course, the exact location of the regional tracking center in Mistletoe remains classified.

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