Sleigh Heading Back to Europe

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Sleigh Design

Santa’s sleigh will be heading back to Europe after it was revealed today that some design flaws were detected. Engineers are working on some minor changes to the sleigh and will have new prototypes constructed with the changes in design before the sleigh gets to Europe for additional testing.

It is not expected that the change will result in any delays to testing of the sleigh.

Test pilots of Santa’s sleigh say that the testing period has gone remarkably well. They are hoping to convince Santa to come out to the field to do some test flights himself very soon.

In talking with Santa’s staff, however, it is not something that Santa will have time for. He is putting as much time in as he can in visiting with children via video chat. So we’ll see if we can get him in the sleigh sometime soon.

By the way, it’s normal for Santa NOT to even see the sleigh in the weeks before he takes off. He trusts his team at Research and Development and the test pilots to get the job done.

That being said, Santa has been more involved with the design of the sleigh this year than he has been in many decades.

Santa is a very avid aviator. He loves to fly. He also hold many world records, for speed, distance and endurance.

We are also pleased to report that we have now many more additional reindeer who have volunteered for duty since their return to the North Pole.

Flights are going very well.


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