Sleigh to Head Towards Sector 4

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Sector 4

Flight Command reports that Santa’s sleigh will soon take to the skies of Sector 4. More high-altitude tests are planned.

This will be the first time Sector 4 will have to see Santa’s sleigh. Be warned however that most flights are scheduled late in the day or a night. Flight Command has not said why that is the case. But if you’re hoping to see Santa’s sleigh, look during dark skies.

Santa’s sleigh has been in a “pause” for a few days while sleigh designers made some changes. New prototypes are arriving from the North Pole and flights will again resume and head towards South America first.

Flight Command has also indicated that southern areas of Sector 5 may also see Santa’s sleigh, as well as areas of the Caribbean and the Atlantic seaboard. By the end of next week it is possible that Santa’s sleigh could be over Greenland for a period of several days.

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